How to Use


Ready to upload your first photo or video? Just follow the steps below! 

Step 1: Plug your InfinityFrame to your computer/laptop (your frame should display a USB icon - if it does not, just press the power button to shut it off and wait until the USB icon pops up)

Step 2: Find the USB drive (this is different for each computer). There should be 2 folders named "Photo" and "Video" (It's important to never delete the folders themselves as this causes the frame to not function correctly. You can delete files in each folder to change what the frame displays). 

Step 3: Upload your photos and videos to the folders and wait until it finishes. (It's important that all photos and videos be formatted correctly for the frame to display them. For a guide on how to format your photos and videos correctly, please scroll down).

*Quick Note: you will notice that the frame will play all photos, have a small pause then play all videos. To avoid this, you can always just create a single video that includes all the videos you want uploaded and insert photos in between. 

Step 4: Unplug your frame and turn it on. Then enjoy! 

You can change your photos and videos as many times as you want. Just follow the steps above each time. 


How to format your files:

Supported Formats:

Video: MP4, AVI and MKV
Photo: JPG, PNG and BMP

Your files must be in 9:16 ratio and 720p (720 pixels width by 1280 pixels height). Not having all files in this format will cause the frame to stretch your photos and videos.

Click here to resize your photos. (choose custom under the "resize for" option. Under width and height, uncheck the link) 

Click here to resize your videos. (choose custom under the "resize for" option and uncheck the lock button)